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The Ak-Chin Indian Community is nestled into the Santa Cruz Valley of Southern Arizona. The Community lies 58 miles south of Phoenix in the northwestern part of Pinal County.

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Tribal Enterprises

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Ak-Chin is an O'odham word translated to mean "mouth of the wash" or "place where the wash loses itself in the sand or ground." The term refers to a type of farming that relies on washes – seasonal food-plains created by winter snows and summer rains.


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Tribal Council

The Ak-Chin Tribal Council serves as the governing body for the community.

The Council was established under the Articles of Association in December 1961. The Council consists of a Chairman, a Vice-Chairman, and three council members – all of whom are elected democratically each year, with staggering terms. The Chairman and Vice-Chairman are elected from within the Council at the start of the new year.

2016 Ak-Chin Community Council:

2016 Ak-Chin Tribal Council

From left:   Gabriel Lopez, Ann Antone, Louis Manuel Jr., Delia M. Carlyle, Vice-Chairman, Robert Miguel, Chairman,