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The Ak-Chin Indian Community is nestled into the Santa Cruz Valley of Southern Arizona. The Community lies 58 miles south of Phoenix in the northwestern part of Pinal County.

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Tribal Council

Ak-Chin Tribal Council serves as the governing body for the community.

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About our

Ak-Chin is an O'odham word translated to mean "mouth of the wash" or "place where the wash loses itself in the sand or ground." The term refers to a type of farming that relies on washes – seasonal food-plains created by winter snows and summer rains.


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Community Events

Him-Dak Celebration

The 2013 2nnd Annual Him-Dak Celebration will be held on April 6th. 2013.

This year's theme is "Transformation From Past To Present, Revisiting The 50's Era Within The Community"

Ak-Chin Him-Dak EcoMuseum & Archives
47685 N. EcoMuseum Road
Maricopa, Arizona 85239
(520)568-1358 / (520)568-1351 fax


Native American Recognition Day (NARD)

Native American Recognition Day is held on the last Saturday in September at the Milton "Paul" Antone Park. This event is also coordinated by the Him-Dak Museum.


St. Francis of Assisi Feast

The St. Francis of Assisi Feast is held in October at the St. Frances Catholic Church in Ak-Chin.


Masik Ta:s

Masik Ta:s, or "birthday" piast, is held in December. This event commemorates the day in which Ak-Chin was formally organized as a Community.

Ak-Chin Seal

In 1961, the Articles of Association, the by-laws that help govern the Ak-Chin Indian Community, were adopted. The following year the seal for the Ak-Chin Indian Community was designed by Wilbert "Buddy" Carlyle and drawn by Sylvester Smith. The Symbols used in this seal represent the ideals upon which the Ak-Chin Indian Community is based.

The Arrow represents the Ak-Chin Indian Community as Native Americans

The Scales represent equality and justice to the Community

The Rising Sun represents our belief in a brighter tomorrow

The Lightning represents inspiration and energy to uphold the ideals of the Community